Friendship bracelet. The human rights bracelet. Gold bracelet. White palladium bracelet. Adjustable color cords. Men's accessories. Women's accessories. Fashion accessory.
Solidarity. Brotherhood. Friendship. Unisex bracelets. Human rights bracelets.
Friendship bracelet. Women's bracelets. Gold bracelet. Human rights bracelet. Bracelet with adjustable black cord.
Men's bracelet. Bracelet with adjustable cord. Friendship bracelet. Men's accessories. Fashion accessory.

Human rights bracelet


The bracelet for Friendship and Solidarity!

The Human Rights Logo combines the silhouette of a hand with that of a bird, and a thumb grabbing the bird. It is intended as a peaceful contribution towards strengthening human rights and as such is meant to be used across cultural and language borders.

A highly precision product crafted by the combination of advanced CNC technology and several handmade processes. Every bracelet is made per order and it is assembled by hands with utmost care and love, made uniquely for you.

A meaningful accessory, perfect for all seasons!

Main Features:

  • Yellow gold 18kt and White Palladium, Logo sign colors

  • Logo sign made of brass, and plated with a thick layer of gold and palladium precious metals 

  • Blue, Black, Red, White cords

  • One size adjustable cord bracelet

  • Human Rights Logo dimensions: L 13.5 x H 13.0 x T 2.0 mm (holes' size is not included)

Note: In the box Special instruction for the seller that can be found after you choose to buy a product, you can write down the color of cord you wish to combine with logo sign.