Our Story

We found a way to express and spread our ideas.

Our story:

Two siblings with diverse backgrounds (accounting and engineering) but with common beliefs, found a way to express their ideas and share their values with all people in all over the world.

Our aim is to positively affect people’s thinking and their way of life.

The way is by the make of pendants, bracelets and key rings, with symbols of eternal powerful meanings such as the Human Rights, Peace, Love, Life, Hope and so forth and with our participation whenever and wherever it is possible in order to promote and support our beliefs.

In what do we believe? To the respect of Human Rights.

Why? Because the respect in Human Rights is the foundation for the existence of freedom, justice and peace in the world, and the outcome of applying them would transform the earth to a living paradise.

It sounds too romantic and impossible? Yet, it is not, and a proof of this are the mature societies with prominent level of democracy, which have made great progress towards this achievement. An example is Finland. It is not by accident that Finland has one of the best educational systems in all over the world which, is based on health and wellbeing of every child, to learning the respect of others, creation of positive relationships, understanding about civilization and civilian’s role, in the frame of independent individuals in a collective environment of equality. The education is a paramount importance for an individual and society.

Self-respect is prerequisite in order to respect the Human rights, because when we have self-respect, it means that we can understand the limit where the rights of another person’s begin, our rights stop, and by this way, we can respect the other people.

Unfortunately, the world is still experiencing situations that must be ashamed of, where human rights are abolishing. People treat human rights, as if, they are no longer in fashion. What would have happened if, just for one day, all people lose its humanity? Then there would be no hope any more for humans.

One of Mahatma Gandhi’s inspiring quote is: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. Therefore, it is in our hands what we will tolerate and what we do.

Change of thinking is need. Decision for change. Actions. Active participation in society as civilians, cooperation, everyone together, and equally.

Via the Voluri products we want to state and share our beliefs, to put you in a process to think what is important and what is worth in this life, to inspire you, and if, you agree, to become a link of a continues chain in order to pass your own message to your own environment, in your society.

Voluri’s philosophy behind the phrase: “Match and share your values” is to become yourself a constant volunteer of your own values, leaving your own positive fingerprint in our world.

So, we call you to fight, each one with its own way, and all together, in order to achieve the respect of human rights, for equality, justice, and peace, in all societies of the world, for all people.

Life is beautiful when we live safe, healthy, happy, with love and free.

Angela and Dio