Mfg and Materials

We are probably the ONLY jewelry manufacturing workshop in the world that uses a 5 axes CNC wire EDM machine to make its products.


Although the symbolic meanings are the most important for our aim, at the same time, we want to deliver you creations that meet high quality standards, with elegant and cool designs, wearing or using them daily, in all seasons.



The main manufacturing technology that we use to make our creations is an advanced 5 axes CNC (Computer Numerically Control) wire EDM (Electro Discharge Machining) machine. Beyond the extreme size dimensions and the wide range of raw materials that we can cut, the machine works with 0.001mm values, resulting in a highly detailed and accurate cut of all designs with also an excellent surface roughness. The cut of designs is done by a wire of 0.25mm.

We use a 3D CAD/CAM software program to design, and then we send the designs to the machine’s pc, for the manufacture.

In the production process of products, added processes are involved such as polishing, plating and so forth, in order complete the manufacture of a product. In the end we do the quality control and the packaging.


Along with design and manufacturing, the selection of materials is important, to make a quality product. Therefore, we use materials based on their classifications and meet their intended use.

To make our products we use precious metals (silver 925, palladium and gold), and other metals such as brass, copper, and stainless steel widely used in the jewelry and accessories sector.

 Gold is the best known among the precious metals and yellow gold is still the most popular color, even though today gold is available in a diverse palette. We offer our products in yellow gold 18kt plating with a thick layer of 3 micron.

 Palladium also belongs in the family of precious metals and it has been immensely popular in the last years (in the end of 2019 was more expensive than gold). It has a naturally white color, very alike to platinum, and it is also an alternative to platinum. Nowadays, the use of palladium in the jewelry sector is a popular choice for jewelry and accessories, for men and women.