Fair Play and ECO Silver Grey color

Fair Play and ECO Silver Grey color

Fair play is a way of thinking and behavior that applies in sports and everyday life. It is based on values such as of dignity, fairness, respect, friendship, team spirit, solidarity, equality, tolerance, care, joy, and promotes the collective cooperation and unites people from all over the world with different cultures. Adopting the attitude of fair play as individuals, we contribute to building a peaceful and better world.

ECO-Silver, grey color is a silver-plating electrolyte 100% cyanide-free.

When comparing to traditional silver-plating methods which can contain up to 200 grams of potassium cyanide per liter, this plating solution provides a perfect resolution to common cyanide restrictions immerging from place to place throughout in the international community.

Moreover, the complete absence of cyanide provides for healthier working conditions for plating operators as well as reduces environmental concerns in the form of wastewater and wastewater treatment.

The final deposit is 99.9% pure silver.



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