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19 June 2020

To All Changemakers!

With each purchase from the “YES, WE CARE” Collection you support the work of nonprofit organizations on HUMAN RIGHTS. 


May 2020

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Happy Easter!

Full of Health, Peace and Love!

Voluri team.


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Palladium vs Gold

According to the precious metals’ prices on 16 of December 2019, palladium reached €56,58/g, while gold’s price is €42,61/g  

October 2019

Voluri's launch date

On the 18th of October 2019 Voluri store was first published on internet


Anti-tarnish protection for silver
Anti-tarnish protection for silver

By Diomedes Constantinides on May 28, 2020

We apply an anti-tarnish solution for all silver and silver plated jewels we make. The solution causes a protective film to form on the surface of the silver item, which prevents the item from tarnishing. Th...

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Fair Play and ECO Silver Grey color
Fair Play and ECO Silver Grey color

By Diomedes Constantinides on May 05, 2020

The Fair play concept is presented with our NEW ECO SILVER plating product.  

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Voluri Team

We believe in human rights, in equality, in freedom, in brotherhood, in solidarity and all the virtues that make mankind proud for its existence.

We believe that we must always keep and live with hope, and with actions, to fight ALL together to achieve living in free, democratic, and prosperous societies, for ALL of us.

Voluri was born by the idea to find a way to present our values with objects that we use in our everyday life. And, this is how the phrase ‘’Match and Share your values’’ was conceived and this is its meaning.

We welcome you to "Match and Share your Values" with your friends, and fellow civilians!

You can read the “Our Story” page if you want to learn more about us.

Human Rights key rings

The human rights key rings, made with an excellent precision of cut, 18k gold and palladium plating, of the FOR ALL collection.

The Human Rights Logo combines the silhouette of a hand with that of a bird, and a thumb grabbing the bird. It is intended as a peaceful contribution towards strengthening human rights and as such is meant to be used across cultural and language borders.

* 30 are the human rights which, are in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 1948.

You can click the button below if you would like to know more about human rights.

Human Rights